Interview with Jeremy Tan

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Interview with Jeremy Tan

Today, I would like to begin series of exclusive interviews of famous cardists. I would like to start with very interesting person — Jeremy Tan, that symbolizes beginning in cardistry for many card fans. Few months ago he blows up cardistry community with his video “My museum”. In description of this video, Jeremy wrote, that he practicing cardistry for only 7 months. What’s happening on this video is hardly correlates with such short experience. Hard to believe, that it’s possible to earn such skill in so short term. Let’s find out, how it’s possible.

Right now Jeremy works with The Virts team – one of the most honorable team of cardists, inventors of world famous “World’s longest dribble Anaconda”. Here is Jeremy himself:

What is your name? How old are you? Where are you from?
Hi, I’m Jeremy. Im currently 19 years old and i’m from Singapore.

What do you do?
I’m in the army now doing my national service.

How long are you in cardistry?
Coming close to 14 months now.

Who or what involved you in cardistry?
I started with magic first, but I never really like card flourishes. I’ve seen it before, but nothing really inspired me to start, that is, until I met Huron. I first met him at starbucks because I contacted him to help me with my magic, but seeing the stuff he did, it was too cool not to learn.

Huron Low, Jeremy Tan, Daren YeowWhat do you get from cardisrty? Fun, travel, girls, money?
None of the above, for now. I did fly to Kuching, Malaysia recently with The Virts, to do a card flourishing lecture. That was great fun.

How cardistry helps/interfere you in your casual life?
Card flourishes really take up your time. Because to get good, you’ve really gotta practice. Just an hour a day isn’t going to get you anywhere. I still hang out with friends, but I’m always compelled to ‘master that flourish’ I’m working on.

What was your first deck of cards? Do you still keep it?
My first deck of cards… I guess it would be a bicycle deck. Isn’t it always? Haha. But, no. I don’t think I have it.

What is your favorite deck?
I can’t choose one, but they would be the old Tally Ho-Circles, Arrcos, and Smoke and Mirror v4s.

Do you collect playing cards? If yes, how many (approximately) decks in your collection?
I don’t actually collect cards, but I stock up on cards which I like to use.

Huron Low, Jeremy Tan, Daren YeowWho most influenced you in cardistry?
That would be Huron and Daren. I see my improvement on card flourishes more so as an ongoing process, and there are a lot of great guys who continue to inspire me. People like Kevin, Dan & Dave, Elijah, I don’t think I can name them all.

Do you have special time for practice or it happens during other deeds? How long do you practice per day?
Yup. I have practice time. I’m not quite sure I don’t count =)

Do you have any special method of training or some training scheduler? May be you can tell few words about it?
Stay tuned to The Virts =)

Am I right, that you now in “The Virts” team? Do you have any special role in the team (operator, editor or inventor of new flourishes e.t.c.) and what team does for you?
I’m not exactly part of The Virts as of now. But on upcoming projects I will be working with them. =)

Do you earn money with cardistry or its just hobby?
As of now, just a hobby.

How do you see future of cardistry?
The future of card flourishes is bright. I’m working on a project with the virts and its really exciting. But with great people continually making their contribution to the art, I’m sure it’ll only get better.